Monday, June 26, 2017
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About Us

Perpetual Technology Partners is a Swiss consulting firm that provides a range of services to venture funds as well as high growth companies around the world. PTP supports the creation of new innovation corridors that facilitate the movement of both capital and intellectual property between existing and emerging technology hotspots around the world. Its current focus is on the Swiss-India Innovation corridor which in its view is poised for exponential growth in the coming years creating value for both societies.

The services provided by PTP include:

    1. Supporting technology focused venture funds and accelerators around the world to position in the market, articulate and communicate their value proposition, and connect with sources of capital. It does so through its strong network of HNI's, family offices and corporate's around the world.
    2. Help high growth startup’s in identifying and attracting capital as a trusted partner to technology funds.
    3. Provide management and technology consulting to firms to develop new markets and create new business model. PTP leverages its network of high quality partners that provide high quality services to bootstrap while keeping costs low.
    4. Provide guidance in technology licensing/technology transfer and catalyze innovation. 
    5. Support organizations in their inorganic growth through assistance in mergers & acquisitions